DM Coach Cara for details at [email protected]

Next Foundations: February 27th 

Current Cycle: Week 3/4

Strength Focus: Hang Power Clean + Split Jerk Complex
Conditioning Elements: Biking, Toes to Bar, Pushpress, Power Snatch

Strength Focus: Front Squat or Overhead Squat w/ Tempo
Conditioning Elements: Banded Good Mornings, Rowing, Jump Roping

Strength Focus: Conventional Deadlift
Conditioning Elements: Strict Leg Lifts, Cossacks, Squats, Burpees, Bear Crawls

Strength Focus: Handstand Kickup Drills
Conditioning Elements: Pullups, Pushups, jumping lunges, box jumps, Z press

*Full training details can be found in SugarWOD. Contact us at [email protected] for access.