Thanks for your rapid feedback! Yesterday’s (May 18th, 2021) survey received a record response rate: time AND volume. Which shows just how much you care. We’re happy to report: 96% of our community is vaccinated.

Based on your responses, here’s what’s changing, along with what’s not.

  • Masks for vaccinated individuals will now be optional.
  • Our staff will continue to wear masks while coaching regardless of vaccination status.
  • Squares and social distancing will remain the same.
  • Our capacity limits will also remain the same, for now.
  • Please continue to spray, spray, wipe, wipe.
  • Good vibes? Those never change.

Updates will continue to be made to our safety guidelines and procedures. In the meantime, we want to remind you that your health and safety are our priorities. Being vaccinated does not mean you must stop wearing a mask. What makes YOU feel comfortable is what WE support.

We’re stronger together; and that means support comes first.

Questions or additional feedback? Don’t hesitate to DM us, or email us at [email protected].

We’re always here for you!