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Next Foundations: October 24th. 

 Deload/Transition Week

Strength Focus: Front Squat
Conditioning Elements: Wallballs, rowing, box jumps, KB Offset carries, copenhagen planks, pallov press

Strength Focus: Hang power clean or hang power snatch, RDLs
Conditioning Elements: Rollouts, American Kb Swings, running, pullups

Strength Focus: Hip Thrusts
Conditioning Elements:  Reverse Lunge to stepups, bicep curls, deadhangs, bike, jumping lunges

Strength Focus: Strict Press,
Conditioning Elements: hs hold, seated z press, inverted bodyweight row, double unders, single arm pushpress, burpees

*Full training details can be found in SugarWOD. Contact us at [email protected] for access.