Paleo Challenge: Day 16!

7pm Lakeview Mobility Class: Focus on Anterior Chain from the ankle to the hip; including shin, knee, and quad! How do these areas relate to a better squat position? Come in and find out…

A. 3 Rounds not for time:
Handstand Hold, nose to wall: 60 seconds, 45 sec., 30 sec.
Hanging “L” Hold: 60 seconds, 45 sec., 30 sec.
Sub Max. height box jump x 6, 1 every 10 seconds,(allowed 1 step into position)

B. Push Press:
Beg: Find your heavy 3 for the day
Int: Find your heavy 2 for the day
Adv: Find your heavy 1 for the day
*Compare scores to 11.20.13

B. 4 Rounds: 30 ON/ 30 OFF
Seated on bench or floor: Press, using KBs, DBs or BB.
Strict Chinups
Box jump overs 24/20″