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Your Burning Questions Answered

We thought you’d never ask. If you’re coming to us from another gym, if you are an out of town guest, new strength training, curious about our Foundations Program or are interested in Personal Training? Then contact us here.

Sure thing. Finding your swolmate is an important decision. Email [email protected] to schedule a FREE trial class.

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Defined is always committed to keeping its community safe, healthy, and strong. We follow health protocols advised by our local and state governments, along with the CDC.

We ask that all athletes and coaches wash their hands upon arrival and sanitize their equipment after use.

Download our Zen Planner Member App. It’s the easiest way to sign up and manage your class schedule. All classes are available for sign up 5 days and 1 hour in advance. If you end up on the waiting list, there’s a good chance you’ll get bumped into class.

We sure are. We like meeting strong people. Please click here to let us know your training background, how long you’ll be in Chicago, and how often you’d like to train with us.

We train no more than 21 athletes per class. We want to make sure you get the attention and feedback you deserve. Plus, it’s our priority to maintain a safe and fun training environment. And we feel great about that.

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You can find our weekly schedule here. We offer a variety of classes Monday through Sunday, along with daily open gym times. You can also use our Zen Planner Member App to see class times and availability at a quick glance. Keep in mind that our Daily Training is the same workout for the entire day. Our 5:30A class is the same workout as our 5:20P class. So we recommend you just pick one.

Class always begins with a coach-led warm up, specific to our training focus for that day. Focused strength training happens after, and we always finish the hour with functional conditioning. All workouts incorporate full-body movements, and we train in four-week cycles. Focused programming helps our athletes track progress and see changes in capability and body composition.

You have to be WILLING to join. If you’re willing to learn something new, trust our coaching staff, and challenge your expectations, we’re the gym for you. All athletes are welcome here. And we think everyone’s an athlete. We’re experts in teaching, coaching, and optimizing workouts for specific needs.

We do because having to pee during a workout is really uncomfortable. Bring your own towel to use our showers. 

We offer both. Click here for pricing info or to get started. If Coach David tells you not to eat vegetables, email [email protected] immediately.

Over a decade. Which means we value growth, resilience, and rigor. Our Defined community is strong and loyal. We couldn’t have built this space without our dedicated coaches and athletes. We’re proud to be #morethanagym

It means that our community comes first. Defined is a diverse, inclusive family that supports the people who breathe life into it. LGBTQIA fundraisers happen here. Black lives matter here. Women support women here. We celebrate 40th birthdays here. We provide athlete scholarships, employ artists, develop interns, and encourage growth. Search #morethanagym to see some of our favorite living memories.

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