Good luck to all the powerlifters today . First time barbell competition (squat, bench, deadlift) for most of these athletes and I (Coach David) am super proud of all of them as they have put in 2+ months of hard work developing their technique and their lifts.   Singlets ready. . .

Chalk Up. 

Kay R.
Alex B.
Coach Kevin
Max S.
Travis H.
Coach David
Tom P.
Lauren P.
Brian M.
Nick A. (honorable mention, had to step out last second due to family obligations).

To our day:

Team WODs @ 8a & 10a & 11a
Powerlifting @ 9a (new 5×5 program starts today)
Olympic Lifting @ 12p

Team WOD (teams of 2):

Station 1: Row for Max Calories
* Rotate every 40 – 60 seconds (depending on when you slow down)

Station 2: Box Jump Burpees (no jump down, all step downs)
* Rotate every rep

Station 3: Barbell Lunge Walk (115 / 85)
* Rotate any time you need to, cannot drop barbell (20 push up penalty each athlete)

WOD details:  you will find out how long you are at each station when you get to class along with any sort of rest in between stations.