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A. Take 10 minutes-
Max height Standing box jump
-No steps, no running starts, no using of hands. Must show control on landing.
-Option to sub max distance broad jump X 3 if you are new to this or have any trouble jumping on those pesky wooden boxes of torture. IF you have tall socks, shin guards, and/or leg armor; please bring that in today.
-Take this opportunity to beat your last max height jump or finally overcome your fear of jumping on a box height that holds a special place in your nightmares.
**Compare scores to 8.21.12**

B. Take 20 minutes-
Sumo Deadlift: Find your heavy 3.

10 minute Amrap
115/75lb Front rack lunge – max reps
-Knee must touch ground for every lunge and hips must come to full extension for every rep to count.
*Every fail, complete 10 hand release pushups

-This WOD was inspired by this year’s CrossFit Regionals Team Workout. After a challenging chipper, Regional Team Athletes must lunge 90 feet with a Fat Axle bar in the front rack position, mens weight is 160lbs, womens weight is 100lbs.