A1. Take 20 minutes-
Hollowbody rocks: Lets revisit this great gymnastics position, reinforce the proper mechanics and try to connect this movement to other positions found in class.
6 Sets: 30 seconds ON, 15 seconds OFF

HandStand Skill Focus: Kickups and walks
Beginners will be focusing on position and maintaining a tight hollow-body form while working on balance in the movement.
Advanced movers can demonstrate a handstand hold without assistance and will be working on the transitions to start moving across the floor with control.
We will all be working with partners on this one!

C. 20 minute Amrap-
Partner WOD: Teams of 2
Station A: Front Squats X 12 reps
Beginner: 95/65lbs
Intermediate: 115/75lbs
Advanced: 135/95lbs
Station B: Amrap
5 Pullups
10 Pushups
15 Box Jumps 20″
WOD Explained: Partner A completes 12 reps in the front squat while Partner B completes as many rounds and reps as possible in Station B. Once Partner A completes 12 reps, switch stations. The score is the number of rounds and reps of Station B completed as a team.


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