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Choose a 4 week track and follow along for the month of April! 
All programs can be performed with little to no equipment! 
Core by Coach Igor
Run by Coach Mikala
Upper Body/Pushup Program by Coach Noal
Lower Body by Coach Ben W. 

– Mon, Tues, Wed & Friday: Noon & 6pm classes. 
– Thursday: 5pm Mobility with Coach Cara.
– Saturday: 9am Team WOD. 
– Sunday: 11am Recovery Yoga with Kristen. 

 Accountability is a great motivator for you to stay on the right track to completing your goals. Find an accountability partner to join in the daily Zoom classes. Reach out to someone who needs some motivation or reach out to ask someone to help you stay steady! 
In it together. Stronger Together. 

Defined @ Home Workout:

“The Buildup” (5 minutes)
Introducing the Front Foot Elevated Split Squat
– Elevation: Approx. 4″
– Building to heavy 5 each leg x 3 warmup sets with tempo
– Tempo: 5.1.x.1, (5 down, 1 in the hole, explode up, 1 at the top)

Working Sets X 4: Every 3 minutes; (12 minutes)
FFE SS X 5 reps, each side, at working weight with tempo
*Follow each set with Wide stance Good Mornings X 1 minute – Video
– Optimize up to Good Morning Hold x 1 minute – Video
Rest remaining time of each round!

Coaches’ Notes:
For Part A, over 3 sets, build up to a heavy 5 reps each leg working weight. The elevation you choose should allow you to continue to touch your knee to the ground with each rep. First round feel it out, stick with bodyweight. Second and third round, add weight if you can find it! Staying true to the tempo will make lighter things feel heavy as well as allow you to feel your position more effectively!
For Part B, using that working weight, complete 4 sets of 5 reps each side. Follow each set with 1 minute of Good mornings or if you are confident and have experience with this movement, start light and attempt to hold this static position for a full minute!

9 Rounds for time: (11 minute cap)
3 X Man Makers – Video
– Pushup + Row left/Row right + Squat clean thruster
– Can be performed with double or single arm. 
30 X Double Unders

*Hustle Goal : Finish in sub 9 minutes

Coaches’ Notes:
Complete 9 rounds as fast as possible. Each round consists of 3 X Manmakers with a double or single arm followed by 30 double unders. This workout should feel like a sprint!

Movement Optimization:
*Man Makers: Using a pair of dbs or kbs or single kb, db or any object in the house that is challenging and allows you to mimic the same movement pattern. See video!

*Double Unders: If you do not have double unders, choose 60 single unders. If you do not have a jumprope, perform 30 X lateral hops over your piece of equipment.

“Flex Friday Pump
3 Rounds: Every 3 minutes: (9 minutes)
Bicep Curls X 21s – Video
– Perform with dbs, kbs, bands, etc..
*Follow each set with:
Tricep Bench/Chair Dips x max effort unbroken set! – Video
Rest remaining of each round!