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Next Foundation Start dates –
April 11th & 25th!
(9 spots in each)

Russian KB Swing volume training

Choose a weight you can swing for 50 reps unbroken!
*Record weight!
– Start lighter than you think for week 1!

Single Leg Bulgarian Deadlift;
Perform 6-8 reps each leg
– Optimize to B Stance!
Warmup Sets X 6 Minutes;
– Building to working weight load

3 X Working Sets, every 3 minutes;
SLBDL X 6-8 reps each leg at working weight
*Follow each working set with: OH Plate Crunch X 15 reps
Rest remaining

“Air Force” (10 minute cap)

20 X Thrusters
20 X Push Jerks
20 X OHS
20 X Front Squats
*EMOTM X 4 Bar over burpees

– Using a barbell weight that you can perform each set of 20 in 3 sets or less. Approx. 35% of Clean and Jerk or 55% of strict press. A weight you would use for “Fran”.