Week’s Preview: Week 3/4

Guest Coach Will killing it! CF Caliente!

Wendler: Week 3, Back Squat: Take 12 minutes

When working with a Wendler progression, base your percentages from what is called a “working 1RM”. You can find this number by taking your most current 1RM and multiply it by .9 which will give you 90% of your 1RM which equals your “working 1RM”.
*All percentages below are based on your “working 1RM”.

Warmup Sets: 5×40%, 5×50%, 5×60%
Working Sets: 5×75%, 3×85%, 95% X Max Reps, Unbroken
Goal for Week 3: 3+ Reps! 

Partner Team WOD: Teams of 2 (20 minute cap)
9-15-21-27-33-39 reps of the following;
Row for calories
Wallballs over Rig (with partner)
Box Jump Overs

*Only 1 person working at a time on the rower, alternating reps on the wallballs and box jump overs.


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