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Next Foundations, Starts Sept. 6th & Sept. 20th

Lunge: Front to Back
– Perform 4 reps on each side, 8 reps total
– Building to working weight X 10 minutes
– We are on week 4/4 on this Single Leg Squat progression!
– Optimize to Reverse Lunge X 5 reps each side
*Choose this option if you are still working on mechanics and stability!

Every 2.5 minutes X 3 Rounds; (8 minutes)

Lunge: Front to back X 8 reps total
– Using working weight from Part A
*Follow each set with a Strict Chinups X submax Set
– Min. 6 reps with whatever scaling is used
– Apply a 2-3 second negative to each rep
– Jump or pull to chin over the bar for each rep!
– We are on week 4/4 on the progression!

10 minute Amrap

5 X Single Arm Pushpress, each side
– Optimize up to 5 X HSPUs
10 X Deadlifts, unbroken
– Using a light to moderate weight,
15 X Jumping Lunges