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EMOTM X 5 Rounds; (5 minutes)

Hang Squat Clean + Tall Jerk + Split Jerk Press
– 1+1+5
– Keeping the weight light and focus on speed under the bar and catch position stability

Split Jerk

– Build to heavy set of 3
– Pause for 3 seconds in catch of each rep
– Recover front foot first before recovering the barbell
– Take 12 minutes, building

“5 & 10”
5 Minute Team Amrap

30 X Double Unders
60 X Single Unders

*Perform with a partner, you go, I go. Choose doubles or singles, the movement/skill you can be the most consistent with. Between you and your partner accrue as many single or double unders as possible in 5 minutes. Person who is not working is holding a plank of any type.

10 Minute Team Amrap
Partner 1: Runs 200 meters
Partner 2: Amrap of the following;
12 X Single Arm Deadlift
9 X Single Arm Hang Power Clean
6 X Single Arm Push Jerk

*Using a db or kb for the entire single arm complex, perform as many rounds and reps as possible between you and your partner. While one person is running, the other person is working on the amrap. Switch stations after each run, alternating work for 10 minutes. Pick up where your partner left off on the amrap and record total rounds and reps as a team!