Lakeview Mixer: Saturday, February 22nd, 6-8pm. Come in and join your coaches and fellow athletes for a happy hour; drinks on the house. (Feel free to bring something to share as well) Use this time to make new friends, find workout buddies or just get to know the people you are working out with on a daily basis.
CFD is know for its strong community so come on in and represent. All new athletes that have joined in the last year are highly encouraged to stop by and say hello!

More mixers to come!

A. Bench press: 9 sets
80%x MAX REPS X 1 set
80%x 1/2 max reps set x 2 sets

B. Build up to 50%-60% of your 1RM Snatch

E.O.M.O.T.M: 12 minutes or 6 rounds at each station, 30 on/30 off
Odd minutes: Hang Power Snatch, quality reps
Even minutes: Hanging “L” Hold x 30-45 ON/30-15 OFF

Volume work (V): On all odd rounds perform max reps Hang Power Snatches at weight chosen for 30 seconds. Focus on quality reps and efficiency in movement. On even rounds accumulate 30-45 seconds in a Hanging “L” Hold. Alternate between the two stations for 12 minutes or 6 rounds at each station.

C. 5 minute Amrap
Double Unders X 10+
Pushups X 5+

Kara's last gymnastics class and a great one at that.

Kara’s last gymnastics class and a great one at that.