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Next Foundations, Starts Jan. 17th

Build to heavy 1rm Cycle of:

The Bear or The Bull
Take 12 minutes, building

For reference:
“The Bear Complex”
Power Clean + Front Squat + Jerk + Back Squat + Jerk
“The Bull Complex”
Power Snatch + OHS + Backrack Pushpress + OHS + Backrack Pushpress

Athlete’s Choice: (6 minute cap)

30 X C & Jerks


30 X Power Snatches

– Using a barbell weight that is no more than 60% of 1rm Snatch or 50% of C&J. Something you can perform in sets of 3s, touch and go!

Tabata Core X 6 Rounds @ each station:

Pike Leg Lift Overs with KB
L Crunch with light KB
Single Arm Crunch, alternating sides each round with light KB