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Next Foundations, Starts this Sunday, July 19th!

2 Rounds: 45 on/ 15 off; (6 minutes)

Goblet Cossack Squats
Bar Hang
– Supinated grip
– “L” or Hollow hold
Side Plank with leg abduction
– Perform from short position (knees)
– Move slow!

Front Squats

– Build to heavy 3 for the day
– Apply a 3 sec. pause in bottom position of each rep
– 12 Minutes, 8 sets, every 90 seconds, building
– This is week #3 on a 4 week progression building on this strength movement. 

21-15-9-9-15-21 reps of; (12 minute cap)

Row X Calories
– For women, choose this rep scheme for the row only: (18-12-6-6-12-18)
Pushpress or Push Jerk
– Using a moderate weight that is approx. 50% of Pushpress 1rm or 70% of strict press. Something you can perform in sets of 5s.

*Once completed, perform max reps Single Arm Clusters with time remaining!

*Your score is time it takes you to finish workout and total number of Clusters. 2 numbers!