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Next Foundations, Starts August 9th!

Pre Class Mobility X 5 Minutes;
Mobility Ball X Pec/Shoulder
*Spend 2-3 minutes per side. Using a LAX ball and the upright of the pullup cage, look for tender and sore areas of restriction. Apply pressure to those areas while moving your arm through extensions and flexions. This is a great shoulder opener for overhead movements and a great aid to improve shoulder rolled forward postures.

Floor Press

– Performed from a low rack position
– Build to a a heavy 5 for the day
– Touch and go reps, no pace, no fails
– 8 Sets, building every 90 seconds

For time; (15 minute cap)
42-30-18 reps of:
Pushups, any style, any variation
Vup + Tuckup
– Equals 2 reps
Run 400 meters
– Optimize to 500/350 meter row if needed!

*If finish with time left on the clock fill rest of time with max reps Wallclimbs!