1 Day and Counting till our Annual “Murph” Event on Saturday.
Things to remember if you plan on attending:

-Bring a photo of someone close to you that has served our country. Put the photo on our “Murph” board and remember why we are doing this workout and who we are commemorating!
-There are options: Full Murph, Half Murph, Rowing instead of running, etc…
-Party/BBQ/Potluck/CFD Lincoln Square 1 Year anniversary party starts at 1pm! Bring food and drink to share!
-Friends and family are welcome! Community and support is everything when it comes to these events! Bring someone to cheer you on!
-Even if you cant make the workout, the party is still open to you! Drop by anytime to say hello and meet some new athletes and fellow CFD members! Make friends!
-Most importantly, HAVE FUN!

A. Conventional Deadlift: 8 sets, Week 4.
All reps with pace: 2220
(2 seconds up, 2 second hold in full extension, 2 seconds down, touch and go)
Warmup Sets:
Work Sets:
*The working sets are 3% higher this week compared to last week’s 86%. If you were able to complete last weeks efforts with the strict pace at 86%, add 3% to your working sets. This is our last week of increasing percentages on this cycle. Next week is a deload week, and the week after we will re-test our 1RMs on the 3 lifts we have been focusing on the last 5 weeks.


We have 2 options for today. 1 option if you are registered for Saturday’s Murph Event and a 2nd option if you cannot make it. Choose your poison today!

B1. For our athletes that are doing “Murph” on Saturday. Lets get a feel for pace and transitions with a 5 Round version of what needs to be completed come Gametime!
For time:
5 Rounds of the following:
5 Pullups
10 pushups
15 Airsquats
*5 minute time cap

Rest 5 minutes

For time:
Double Unders
*10 minute time cap

B2. For our athletes that are not doing Murph on Saturday. Here is a little taste of what you are missing, minus the runs!
20 minute Amrap
5 Pullups
10 Pushups
15 Airsquats
*Recording total rounds and reps completed over 20 minutes.