Phase #4 is upon us!
After 78 days closed and 24 days training outdoors, we have arrived!
Classes officially move indoors on Friday with a new class schedule launching next week! Stay tuned for more info before the end of the week!

Next Foundation, Starts July 7th! DM Coach Cara. [email protected] if you have any friends or family that are interested in joining the communitty!

Back Squat (week 4)
– Warmup up to a challenging 5 rep working weight,
– Take 10 minutes, building in sets of 5s,
*Goal for today is to get heavier than last week and/or more comfortable with your squat technique. 

EMOTM: X 4 Rounds; (19 minutes)
Min 1: Back Squat X 5 reps with 1/14 pacing
– 1 & 1/4 Pacing: Pause just below parallel, just above, just below, then finish!
– Using working weight from Part A.
Min 2: Strict Chinups X sub max
– Banded, strict, weighted, negatives etc… Choose something that allows you to complete at least 8 reps
– Work for 40 seconds
Min 3: Weighted Carry, (heavy)
– Spend 30 sec. each side
– Single arm, any position: Overhead, front rack or suitcase carry
Min 4: Plank, any style X 1 minute
Min 5: Rest X 1 minute