We are hosting our first Beach WOD of 2014 this Saturday. Please join us at Montrose Beach at 9:30am for the fun. A map of where we will be and directions will be on Saturday’s Post. The Beach WOD is from 9:30am-11am. All of your coaches will be there to join in on the fun! Feel free to invite friends and family to participate. The beach wod will be challenging but the skill level will be low considering it will be all bodyweight. Expect to get sandy and wet! We will go into the water but will not go more than waist deep.

Immediately following the Beach WOD join your coaches for a post workout cocktail at the “The Dock” Beach Bar!

We will announce the cancellation of the Beach WOD by 8am Saturday morning in the event of rain and/or thunderstorms. Look for updates on the CFD website and Facebook.
If there is rain we will open up Lakeview and have the following classes:

9am: Power Lifting
10am: Endurance
11am: Endurance
Noon: Olympic Lifting

*We are closed at Lincoln Square this weekend for a Level 1 Cert.

A. Bench Press: 9 sets
*All reps should include a 2 second pause in the bottom position
Warmup Sets:
Work Sets:
-If you completed this last week at 80%, please add 3% to your work sets.

50%x max reps x 1 (no pause) with narrow grip!
**Perform 15 Good Morning Presses with 5/2.5lbs plates after each warmup set.

B. For time:
800 Meter Run
2 Rounds:
Thrusters 95/65lbs X 10
Bar over burpees X 10
800 Meter Run
2 Rounds:
Thrusters 95/65lbs X 10
Bar over burpees X 10
* 16 minute time cap