30 Day Paleo Challenge: Day 19.  Stick with it athletes!  Its hard, but not really.  Its easy, but not really.  You have to want it.  Know why you are doing it.  Reconnect with the reasons why you started this challenge in the first place.  Stay strict, no cheats, you are almost there.

You are now past the withdrawal part of the challenge.  Start noticing the positive changes in your life.  Losing weight? Feeling better?  More energy more consistently?  Better quality sleep? Less ups and downs during the day?  Whatever it is, focus on that moving forward.  Your body will thankyou soon!

Remember, this is a detox.  Cheating is setting you back, no matter how small.  That desert or that “something” will always be there when you are done!  11 more days!  Stay strong!

CrossFit Open Workout 14.4:
We will have 2 options for the day. Option A1 will be for our RX athletes and competitors who have registered for the CrossFit Open. Option A2 will be for the rest of our community.

For our Competitive Lakeview athletes: Please remember we have to control drops in the AM classes. If this is something you want to work around, please feel free to attend any of our daytime or evening classes at Lakeview or Lincoln Square.

A1. Open WOD 14.4
14 minute Amrap
60 Calorie Row
50 Toes to bar
40 Wallballs 20/14lbs (10’/9′ foot target)
30 Power Cleans 135/95lbs
20 Muscle Ups

14 minute Amrap
12 Calorie Row
10 Toes to bar
8 Wallballs 20/14lbs
6 Power Cleans 135/95lbs
4 Muscle ups or 12 Pullups

B. 3-5 Rounds: Optional
Bulgarian Split Squat Rebounds  x 5 each side
Pushups with 1 sec pause in bottom position x 30 seconds
Med ball twists 14/10lbs x 30 seconds
Rest 90 seconds