Weekend Lakeview Remodel: We are closed this Sat/Sun. for a slight remodel. We are adding a new pullup cage along with a few other additions.

We have added classes to our Lincoln Square schedule for the weekend so none of you have to miss your training! Please take advantage of these classes and check out our LS facility if you have not had the chance thus far.

Saturday: Lincoln Square Schedule
8am: Endurance with Coach Mark
9am: Power lifting with Coach Mike and Ellie
9am: Olympic Lifting with Coach Noal
10am: Endurance with Coach Cara
11-1: CFD Endurance Seminar with Coach Mark, registration on our website. Only 5 spots left!

Sunday: Lincoln Square Schedule
8am: Simulated Long Run, Endurance class with Coach Mark
(Starts indoors, ends outdoors!)
9am: KB Class with Coach Laura
10am: KB Class with Coach Laura
11-Noon: Open Gym!
10:30am Outdoor Yoga with Maggie. Meet at Belmont harbor, lakeside! More details on location to come.

A. Conventional Deadlift: 8 sets
All reps with pace: 2220
(2 seconds up, 2 second hold in full extension, 2 seconds down, touch and go)

B1. 2 Rounds:
Run 400 meters
Rest 2 minutes
*Recording slowest effort

Rest 2 minutes

B2. 6 minute Amrap
Murph Training:
5 Pullups
10 pushups
15 Air squats

C. Bonus Round: Optional
3 Rounds
Hamstring Deathmarch X 50 ft, AHAP
Birddog Plank X 1 minute
Rest as needed between sets