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Next Foundations, Starts November 1st & 15th

2 Rounds; 1 minute on/ 15 sec. off; (5 minutes)
Offset Bulgarian Split Squat
– Spend 30 sec. each side
– Hold KB/DB in front rack or side body
Pallof Press from Squat
– Spend 30 sec. each side

Back Squat: Speed Sets

– Build to approx. 60%+ of Back squat 1rm
– 6 Sets, building, every 90 sec.
– Perform 4 reps for each warmup set
– Take no more than 2 sec. per squat, 8 seconds total
– Take each rep to parallel if able

Working Sets X 4: Every 2 minutes; (8 minutes)

Back Squat, speed sets X 6 reps
– Using working weight from part B1.
– Partners count for each other.
– Take 12 sec. or less to perform 6 reps, lower weight if you miss the time cutoff for any set.

Benchmark workout: “Randy”

For time: (8 minute cap)
75 X Power Snatches

– Scale to Hang Power Snatch if needed
– Barbell weight should feel light, choose a weight that you can maintain minimum sets of 5 touch and go. Use no more than 35% of Pushpress or Snatch 1rm.