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Next Foundations, Starts Oct. 4th

Strict Press

– Build to 85% of 1rm
– Take 8 minutes, 5 sets, every 90 seconds building
– Suggested Rep Scheme: 5-5-3-3-2

Every 3 Minutes X 4 Working Sets; (12 minutes)

Strict Press @ 85%
– Perform max, unbroken reps
– Goal is to be consistent with your number from round to round!
– Apply a 2-3 sec. negative to each rep
*Follow each set with: 
Strict Chinups X max unbroken reps
– Minimum goal is 8+ reps
– Scale as needed to achieve this min rep requirement. 
– Optimize up: Legs in “L” hold while performing pullups if able!
Rest remaining time of each round

Each for time: (10 minute cap to finish both!)

Row X 1000 meters

rest 90 seconds

Wallballs X 100 reps

*Compare 1000 meter row times to the best in the world from the CF Games this past weekend! Click here for leaderboard!
Fastest male time: 2:48
Fastest Female time: 3:15