A. 15 minute Amrap-
Row Relay for distance: Teams of 2, alternating every 500 meters.
-Active rest: On your active rest period perform as many pushups as you would like while you recover. Use this time to go for max effort or choose whatever pacing you are comfortable with to prepare for your next row interval.
**Recording total distance completed between partners.

B. Take 20 minutes-
Oly tech work: 1 Power Snatch + 3 Overhead Squats
-Take this time to work on technique, stay light to moderate in weight

10 minute Amrap
5+ Burpees to a 45lb plate
50 Double Unders
*Compare scores to 6.12.13

WOD Explained: Lets challenge your lungs today with this fun 10 minute amrap inspired by Coach Murph. Each round starts with burpees. Complete 5 burpees on the first round with each burpee ending with your hips in full extension while standing on top of a plate. Every round your burpees increase by 5 while the Double unders stay constant. “Turbo”? You’re going to need it!

How far can you go?