Paleo Update:
We have 2 days left before our challenge ends. Start reflecting on your experiences these past 4 weeks.

What have you been missing?
What cravings and addictions have you kicked?
What is your new normal?
I’m sure some of you lost your way for for St. Pattys Day, and hopefully some of you saw your commitment through!
What is next?
-2 More Days, Stay Strong!
-Look for the Paleo Baseline WOD this week and complete it; compare times Pre and Post challenge.
-Take new pictures.
-Weigh in.
-How do some of your clothes fit? Has your body composition changed?
-Reflect on what percentage of this new lifestyle your going to stick with?
-Start reintroducing foods 1 at a time. Find out what your body disagrees with and what you have reactions to….
-Keep going! Use the tools you have learned throughout this challenge and keep it up. -Cook more, eat out less. Less sugar, less salts.
-Establish a new lifestyle, a new baseline.
-Talk to your coaches, get advice!
Good luck Athletes!
**We will be asking some of our athletes to share their experiences and successes! Let us know if you care to share!**


A. Take 20 minutes-
Hang Power Clean: Find your heavy 3.

5 Rounds for time:
10 Front Squats 135/95lbs
10 Toes to Bar (may sub V-ups if you dont have T2B)

C. Prehab bonus round-
4 Rounds:
25 Band pull aparts
25 Pushup Plus

Bobbit's Cert

Congrats to Alex for getting her Level 1 Cert over the weekend. Hoozah!