Lift Big Week 1: The next 2 weeks we will be establishing 1RM for most of the major lifts. All beginners on our program should not be attempting 1RM for most lifts. Until you have the necessary mobility, stability, and have demonstrated proper mechanics in the required movement; you should either be on a 5 or 3RM scheme.

If you have been with us a while and find yourself plateauing or struggling to maintain growth with any single movement; mobility might be your answer. Sometimes taking a step back, evaluating position and establishing a long term approach to increasing mobility in any specific area might just be the key!

A. Take 15 minutes-
Shoulder Press: 1 RM Test

B. EMOTM: 10 Rounds
(every minute on the minute)
Perform the following: Using 75% of new 1RM Shoulder Press
2 Shoulder Presses
3 Push Presses
2 Push Jerks
Volume work (V): At the top of every minute perform the following rep scheme above. First round you fail to complete the 2-3-2 load unbroken you must decrease load by 10%. Every round you fail, automatically decrease weight. Use remaining time of each minute to recover.

C. Time remaining-
Back Squat: 1 RM Test
Beginners: 3 months or less experience with CFD coming 3-5 days per week consistently, perform Sets of 5
Intermediate: 3+ to 6 months experience, Find your heavy 3
Advanced: 6+ months or more, Establish your 1RM.