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Daily Class Recordings- 
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– Mon, Tues, Wed & Friday: Noon & 6pm classes. 
– Thursday: 5pm Mobility with Coach Cara.
– Saturday: 9am Team WOD. 
– Sunday: 11am Recovery Yoga with Kristen. 

Choose a 4 week track and follow along for the month of April! 
All programs can be performed with little to no equipment! 
Upper Body/Pushup Program
Lower Body

CONSISTENCY is the REAL secret to success and happiness.  Put your whole effort into the path you are on. 4+ classes this week, 4+ days of great nutrition, 4+ days of meditation, whatever it is go all in with patience for the process. 
We’ll celebrate your dedication in the Committed Club.

Defined @ Home Workout-

3 Rounds for Quality: 1 Minute on/ 15 second transition
Birddog Plank Variation – Video
Glute Bridge – Video
– Add weight when you are ready! – Video
R1: Wide stance – Video
R2: Narrow stance – Video
R3: Frog pumps – Video
Handstand Hold – Video
– Wall climb if you can hold for a full min., kick-up if you are breaking it up. 
Single Leg Squat from elevation – Video
– Spend 30 seconds each side. 
– Choose an elevation you can squat out of with control.
– Optimize up: Perform slow and controlled Pistol Squats – Video
– Spend 30 seconds each side

“Support Your Local Box” Workout #2 – Video
– For the remaining 2 weeks we will perform the CF-HQ Fundraiser workout together as a gym on Mondays.

For time: (15 minute cap)
“RX Version”

100 X Double unders
21 X Burpees
75 X Double unders
15 X Burpees
50 X Double unders
9 X Burpees

“SCALED Version”
50 X Jumping Jacks
15 X Burpees
35 X Jumping Jacks
12 X Burpees
20 X Jumping Jacks
9 X Burpees

*Hustle Goal: Finish in sub 6 Minutes!

Coaches’ Notes:
The sequence for this workout is 100 double-unders followed by 21 burpees, then 75 double-unders followed by 15 burpees, and finally, 50 double-unders followed by 9 burpees. 
For both movements, choose a modification that allows you to execute the range of motion that meets your skill level for the duration of the workout.
Your score will be the total time it takes to complete the entire workout or the total number of repetitions completed before the 15-minute time cap. 

Recovery: Introducing the Jefferson CurlVideo
– Spend 5 minutes with this dynamic mobility!
– Take 1 full minute to slowly curl down and slowly curl up!
– Perform 5 rounds of this.
*If you are new to the movement and/or are very tight, start with very light weight. 10lbs or less!