We’ve proven we’re stronger together. And now it’s time to share our resilience.

Know someone who’s interested in the benefits of functional strength training and conditioning but isn’t sure where to start? Invite them to our FREE, all-levels August Lift n’ Learn to understand our approach and meet our community.

This workout is for ANYONE who is interested in understanding the WHY behind training, eager to learn something new, looking for a training community, and/or isn’t seeing results from their current training program.

How does it work? By signing up for this class you are promising to “bring someone new” to the gym. Someone who is interested in learning about Defined and how we train and possibly joining a future “Foundations” program. Your friend does not need to sign up, you can sign up and that reserves your spot and your friends spot. 

Questions? Email [email protected]

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See you soon. And don’t forget, you can earn $50 off your September membership when your friend joins Defined or our Foundations program, beginning 8/23. They sign up, you get a discount, and your friend gets fit!

EMOTM X 3 Rounds; 40 on/ 20 off:

Min 1: Wall Climb to Shoulder Taps
– Choose any angle you can perform shoulder taps, from a plank to full HS hold!
Min 2: Alternating Bent Over Row
– Using a lighter pair of Dbs or Kbs

Bench Press

– Build to heavy 3 with 3 sec. negative for each rep
– Take 12 minutes, 8-10 sets, building
– This is a 4 week progression ultimately building to a heavy triple with no tempo!

For time: (14 minute cap)

50-40-30-20-10 reps of:
Russian KB Swing
– Choose a weight you can perform each set in 2 sets or less
25-20-15-10-5 reps of:
10-20-30-40-50 reps of:
Double Unders