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Next Foundations, Starts August 23rd & Sept. 13th

**Week 4/4 on Current Cycle**

EMOTM X 2 Rounds: 45 on/ 15 off; (6 minutes)

Barbell Push jerk
– Clean grip front rack or if you have a tight overhead position, defer to the Snatch grip back rack
Hanging Hollow Hold variation
– Hanging Hollow hold, Hanging “L” hold or “L” tuck with alternating legs as show in video
Twisting Bear

Split Jerk

– Week 4/4
– Build to heavy set of 2!
– Apply a 3 sec. pause in catch and a 3 sec. pause in standing before recovering the barbell. 
– Recover front foot first
– 12 min building

5 Rounds for time: (14 minute cap)

30 X Double Unders
– 60 singles if needed!
30 Sec. X Handstand Hold, using wall
– Plank if needed
30 X Abmats
30 Sec. X Weighted Wall Squat