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New Cycle Starts this week:
Tuesday: Bench Press, heavy triples
Wednesday: Single Leg squats via Reverse Lunge progressions
Friday: Split Jerk Technique work

Hang Power Snatch

– Build to challenging working weight triple for the day
– Take 8 minutes
– This is week 1 on a 4 week progression building on this power and speed movement.

Every 2.5 minutes X 3 Rounds; (8 minutes)

Hang Power Snatch X 3
– Using working weight from part A.
*Follow with 1 sets X Strict Chinup + slow negative X 6-12 reps
– All reps have a 2-3 second negative
– Pull to chin over the bar or jump to chin over the bar!

5 Rounds for time; (11 min. cap)
20 X Single Arm Russian Swing
10 X Burpee Box Jump Overs