A1. Take 15 minutes-
Bradford 6
-Never lock out at top
-1 rep = front rack to back rack to front rack
-touch and go
-Strict movement, no use of hips.
-Use slightly wider grip than normal
-locking out at top or resting bar on rack equals a no rep for that attempt.
*Compare results to 5.28.13

A2. Conditioning: 30 ON/ 30 Off: 5 Rounds
Pushpress for max reps at your heavy Bradford 6 max.


You have 2 options for today. If you are new to “The Bear” choose option 1 and work on developing your heavy set and focus on technique and endurance with the bar complex. Also know that we program it for the first Monday of every month. If you have been with us a while and have a heavy “Bear” established, give option “B” a try. Compare loads last month!

B1. “The Bear”
5 Rounds: 7 Cycles of the following
Power Clean
Front Squat
Jerk, any style
Back Squat
Jerk, any style
-Cannot drop bar until 7 cycles are completed
-Must add weight each round
-Rest as needed between sets

B2. Bear Conditioning-
4 Rounds for time:
4 Cycles of “The Bear Complex” 115/75lbs
Row 500 meters
Rest 2 minutes
*25 minute cap

CFD powerlifting Team 949 bringining home the Gold and of course a Samurai Sword to top it off!

CFD powerlifting Team 949 bringing home the Gold and of course a Samurai Sword to top it off!