A. Take 20 minutes-
Wendler Plus, Week 3
Front Squat:
Warmup Sets: 40%x5, 50%x5, 60%x5,
Work Sets: 75%x5, 85%x3 95%x1+ (aim for three or more in your max reps set)

You have 2 options for today. If you are new to “The Bear” and have done it less than 5x; choose option 1 and work on developing your heavy set and focus on technique and endurance with the bar complex.

**This will be our last month performing The Bear on the first Monday of every month.

1. “The Bear”-
5 Rounds: 7 Cycles of the following
Power Clean
Front Squat
Jerk, any style
Back Squat
Jerk, any style
-Cannot drop bar until 7 cycles are completed
-Must add weight each round
-Rest as needed between sets

2. For time:
“Bear Down”
1000 meter row
Complete 4 Rounds of the following:
5 Cycles of “The Bear” 135/95lbs
10 Bar facing Burpees
-1 Cycle of “The Bear” consists of 5 movements in this order: 1 power clean, 1 front squat, 1 jerk, 1 back Squat, and 1 jerk.
*20 minute time cap

Jon bringing CFD to Puerto Rico.  Looking good!

Jon bringing CFD to Puerto Rico. Thanks for sending us this great shot.