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D.M. Coach Cara for details. [email protected]

Next Foundations, Starts Jan. 31st & Feb. 14th
(8 spots in each)

Back Squat
(final week)
Building in sets of 5s to something heavier than you will use for your set of 20
– Take 12 minutes building to a heavy 5 for the day
– 8 Sets X 90 seconds

Back Squat X 20 reps

*Record Load! 
– Take 3 minutes to complete!  – Why 20 reps? 
– Get heavier than last week! 
– Goal is to add 10-20lbs each week

Partner Team WOD: 15 Minute Amrap;

5 Rounds; 30 on/ 30 off:
Row or Bike for Cals
Toes to Bar or Vups

In teams of 2, with only 1 partner working at a time, sprint effort for 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off, alternating working with your partner.

*Score is total cals and wallballs completed as a team for 1 big number!
*Both must bike or both must row!