90 Day Pushup Challenge Week 5: New Base Test.
What you need to know and what needs to be done!
Step 1: Establish your base, or “working set” by finding your average. Find your Avg. by performing 3 Sets of Max effort unbroken pushups with 5 minute rests between each set.
Step 2: Take the average of those 3 numbers. This number will be your “working set” average for the month!
Step 3: Week 1 work sets
Tuesday: 4 sets, 5 minute rests
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: 3 sets, 5 minute rests
Friday: 4 sets, 5 minute rests
Saturday: 3 sets, 5 minute rests
Sunday: Rest

Things to keep in mind for your Day 1 Base Test:
From knees or plank position are both acceptable.
Go Unbroken!
Can only rest in tall plank position, meaning no downward dog or pauses to shake out arms.
Set shoulders back and down and keep middle of hands lined up with middle of chest. Try not to flare out elbows.
Full range of motion! Chest to ground with every rep!

**Compare results to First Week Base Test. Most of your Coaches got anywhere from 11-25% improvement from week 1.
***If this is your first cycle on this challenge start from Week 1, Monday, Dec. 9th Post.

A. 8 Rounds:
Back Squat: 75% X 5 Reps
Ring Support Holds: 30-45 seconds
Rest 60 seconds

E.M.O.T.M for 10 minutes
Box Jump overs 24/20″ – 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1
Russian KB swings 70/55lbs – Max reps
*Score is total number of swings completed in 10 – 1 minute rounds

Wod explained: Starting with 10 box jump overs in the first round, once you have completed all 10 immediately move on to the KB swings. Complete as many KB swings as possible in remaining time left in the first minute. On round 2 or minute 2, perform 9 box jump overs, then complete as many KB swings in time remaining, on round 3 or minute 3, complete 8 box jump overs… this cycle continues until you have reached round 10 and have to complete only 1 box jump over before spending the remaining last minute with the KB.