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Next Foundations, Starts July 19th! 

– Late registration still available through end of day Monday, July 20th

Movement Prep: 40 seconds on/ 20 seconds off
Flexed Arm Hang + Deadhang Hollow
– Spend 20 seconds in each position
Twisting Bear
Prone Plate Transfers
– Spend 20 seconds CW and 20 seconds CCW
– Using a light plate, no more than 2.5 to 5lbs

Pushpress Complex: (1+1+1)

– Back Rack Pushpress + Front Rack Pushpress + Split Jerk
– 12 minutes building, 1 set every 90 seconds (8 sets)
– Building to heavy for the day!
– This is your last and final week on this shoulder to overhead progression!

Baseline Girl WOD: “Jackie”

1000/700 Meeter X Row
50 X Barbell Thrusters
– Using an empty Barbell or PVC
30 X Pullups, any style