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Next Foundations, Starts August 9th!

Pre Class Mobility X 5 Minutes
Lacrosse ball X Lat and Shoulders Blades
*Spend 5 minutes with the lacrosse ball exploring the lat insertion and shoulder blades. A great release for the overhead position and front rack.

Power Clean to Front Squat + Split Jerk

– Building to working weight
– 1+1+1
– Take 10 minutes
– Pause for 2 seconds in the catch of the Power Clean before descending directly into the front squat.

Every 2 minutes X 4 Rounds; (8 Minutes)

Power Clean to Front Squat + Split Jerk
Round 1: 1+2+1
R2: 1+3+1
R3: 1+4+1
R4: 1+5+1
*Every round add 1 front squat

For time: (9 minute cap)

40-30-20-10 reps of;
Russian KB Swings
– Choose something heavy and perform in at least sets of 10
Abmat Situps