Schedule Change: Effective Immediately! 
Please Make Note: Starting Monday, June 15th;

All class times will reflect a 15-minute transition time between classes. This will help us continue sanitizing efficiently, be available to greet all of our members and answer any questions you may have after class. 

Lastly, we have also edited some of our RSVP rules: 

  1. Booking window to schedule a class is now 5 days and 1 hour ahead,
  2. Cancellation policy to cancel a class is now 8 hours.

New Schedule: Monday – Friday: 
5:30am / 6:45am / 8am
10:45am / 12pm
4pm / 5:15pm / 6:30pm / 7:45pm
*Open gym: 1pm, 2pm, & 3pm does not change on Mon/Wed/Fri. 

Weekends: 8am / 9:15am / 10:30am / 11:45am / 1pm

Back Squat (week 3)
– Warmup up to a challenging 5 rep working weight,
– Take 10 minutes, building in sets of 5s,
– No pause or tempo today!
*Goal for today is to get heavier than last week and/or more comfortable with your squat technique. 

Perform the following: Every 2.5 minutes X 3 Rounds; (8 minutes)
Back Squat X 5 reps (no pause)
– Using working weight from Part A. 
*Follow with: Standing DB French Press X 15-20 reps
– Whatever weight used, the last 5 reps should be challenging to complete!
Rest remaining of each round! 

“Strict Helen”

For time; 3 rounds: (12 minute cap)
Run 400 meters
– Row 500/400 meters if needed
21 X Russian KB Swings
12 X Strict Pullups (no kip)
– Using a barbell on a squat rack
– Choose a variation of the strict pullup that will allow you to complete all reps but also challenges you at the same time!
Legs off floor: Tucked behind you or in L hold,
Legs on floor: Inverted Row or Leg Assisted Pullups