Week’s Preview: Week 4/4
Tuesday: 3 Position Clean + “Running DT”

**In the case you are self quarantining or are not comfortable coming into the gym these next few weeks, Defined will continue to provide you opportunities to stay healthy, active and fit with these simple at home workouts!**

*Stay tuned to our Instagram account for the most up to date notifications!*

Monday’s Defined @ Home Workout:

5 Rounds for quality;
Handstand Hold X 1 minute
Hold Bottom of squat X 1 minute
Rest as needed (Rest no more than 90 seconds per round)

20 Minute Amrap
10 X Tuck Jumps
10 X Pushups
10 X Situps
Run 400 meters (approx 2 minutes)
Rest 1 minute

In the gym @ Defined:

Bench Press: Triples
– Take 8 sets, building, every 90 seconds
– Build to a challenging working weight

3 Working Sets: Every 2.5 minutes;
Bench Press X max unbroken “Elevator” reps
– Using 80% of heavy from Part A
– Using a wide grip
– “Elevator” reps: come to a complete stop halfway down, in the bottom and halfway up for each rep!
*Follow each set with: Active Hang:
L1: Active Hang with Hollow
L2: Active Hang with Tuck
L3: Active Hang with “L” hold

10 minute Amrap
5/3 X Strict Chinups
10 X Pushups
15 X Single Arm OH Lunge
– Switch arms every round


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