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  • Monday – Friday: Noon & 6pm daily. 
  • Thursday: 5pm Mobility with Coach Cara.
  • Saturday: 9am Team WOD. 
  • Sunday: 11am Recovery Yoga with Kristen. 
  • Home Training posted at 9pm every night.

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WHEN: MARCH 17th – APRIL 7th 
WHAT:  At Home Lifestyle Challenge
Today’s Daily Challenge: 
Thank your Essential Person.
While we’re staying at home, some are on the front lines fighting for us. Send some love to those who are going to work risking their own lives for everyone else. 

Defined @ Home Workout, Monday

Shoulder Circuit: 3 Rounds; 45 on/ 15 off (9 minutes)
Prone Shoulder Press – Video
German Shoulder Extension Squats – Video
Handstand Pushup Tripod Practice – Video

Coaches’ Notes:
For 3 rounds, working 45 seconds at each station with 15 second transitions. Aim for quality movement not quantity reps.

Movement Optimization:
*Prone Shoulder Press: With shoulder blades squeezed down and back, move your arms through a shoulder press position while lying prone, face down on the floor. If this is easy for you, add light weight in each hand, no more than 2-3lbs per hand. See video!

*German Shoulder Extension Squats: Using a counter top, chair or something that you can grab onto that is around mid chest height. With shoulders externally rotated, prioritize keeping chest up while squatting. The stretch should be felt in the biceps, fronts of shoulders and chest. A more narrow grip will increase the intensity of this stretch. See video!

*Handstand Pushup Tripod Practice: If you are still working on your pushup strength, spend your time performing perfect pushups. If you are proficient at pushups, this is a good opportunity to start practicing the tripod position that is required for HSPU strength. Move slow and only go as low as you can press out of. This can be practice from your toes or from an elevated surface like a bed or couch. See video for coaching cues and movement options.

5 Rounds, for time: (15 minute cap)
Double Unders X 30 or 50 reps
Handstand Hold on Wall X 30 seconds
Abmats X 30 reps
Seated Wall Squat Hold X 30 seconds – Video

Coaches’ Notes:
Perform 5 rounds as fast as possible of the following movements above. See below for movement optimizations.

Movement Optimization:
*Double Unders: If you can easily perform 30 reps unbroken, choose 50 reps per round instead. If you do not have double unders, choose 30 single unders. If you do not have a jumprope, perform 30 X lateral hops.

*HS Hold on Wall: Kick up to wall and hold an active handstand hold for 30 seconds. If you are not ready to kick up you can perform a wall climb to any height you are comfortable with and hold or stick with a tall plank from your hands instead. If you want to add difficulty to this movement, add shoulder taps to your Handstand or Plank. – Video

*Abmats: If you do not have an abmat, use a rolled up towel or clothing instead. Whatever you use, it should fill up the space of your lower back when you are lying flat on the floor. A regular crunch works well too!