Have any friends or family that are interested in joining the Defined community! 
D.M. Coach Cara for details. [email protected]

Next Foundations, Starts March 7th & 21st!
(9 spots in each)

2021 DEFINED INTRAMURAL, starts this Friday: Click for more info!

Seated Z Press

– EMOTM X 5 Reps
– Seated on floor or 45lb plate
– Building each round

Every 3 minutes X 3 rounds;

Standing Strict Press X 6-8 reps
– Using a weight that is heavy as possible to complete suggested rep scheme
– Ideally weight stays the same for each set
*Superset with: Banded Face Pulls X 15-20 reps
Rest remaining time of each round!

15 Minute Amrap

10/7 X Calorie Row
– Spend no more than 30 seconds on the bike
10/7 X HSPUs
– Optimize to 15/10 X Pushups from knees or toes
10 X Tall Box Jumps