Congratulations to all of our Marathon Runners over the weekend.  We had many of our athletes train very hard for this event. You made CFD proud!

If you see someone in the box this week that ran, congratulate them on all their hard work!  If you have any photos of any runners sporting their CFD gear send them our way!  Hoozah!

A. Take 25 minutes-
Hang Power Clean + Front Squat Complex
All percentages are based off your Clean 1RM
Adv: 80% X (3+3)X 5 Sets
Int: 75% X (2+3)X 5 Sets
Beg: 1+5 X 5 Sets
*Perform 1 minute of strict Hand release Burpees immediately following each set
Rest 2 minutes

B. 10 Minute Amrap
E.M.O.T.M: Perform 10 V-ups
*With the remaining amount of each minute complete as many reps as possible of
Power Clean and Press with KB 55/35lbs
**Alternating sides every 2 reps

jason p marathon 2013