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Next Foundations, Starts November 1st & 15th

Press Prep: X 3 Rounds;
(7 minutes)
30 on/ 15 off;
HS Hold
Twisting Bear
Prone Press from Superman

Tall Jerk or Split Jerk to Position + Split Jerk Press

– Build to heavy 1+ 1 for the day
– Take 10 minutes
– If time left on the clock, drop by 20% and perform sets of 3-5 reps.

EMOTM X 5 Rounds; (15 minutes)

Spend 40 seconds working/ 20 seconds to rest and transition
Min 1: Row or Bike for Calories
Min 2: Heavy Wallballs
Min 3: Split Stance Chops with Medball
– Using the same bedroll from Station 2
– Perform from low to high
– Spend 20 sec. on each side

* Use the first round to establish a baseline of work. Use this rep range as a goal for subsequent rounds. Goal is to find a balance between work and rest and be consistent over 5 rounds!
* Recording total reps/calories from stations 1 & 2 for each of the 5 rounds.