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Next Foundations, Starts Oct. 4th & 18th

2 Rounds X 45 on/ 15 off: (6 minutes)

Kang Squat
– Barbell on the first round, add weight for the 2nd
Prone Swimmers
Hang “L” Hold
– Alternating single leg extensions, Left, Right, together.

Squat Clean: Heavy single!

– Full Squat is the goal, Power catch if you are not able
– EMOTM X 4 Rounds
– Every 90 sec. X 4 Rounds
– Every 2 min. X 3 Rounds
– Building to heavy single for the day!

4 Rounds: 2 minutes on/ 1 minute off

– Sprint Efforts, 2:1 Work/Rest ratio
Row 250/175 Meters AFAP!
*Fill Rest of time with max reps Box Jump overs!
Rest 1 minute
*Score for each round is total calories added to total box jump overs!