We know that a lot of people will be attending the 8a Team Endurance class.  Please don’t forget that we have a 10a & 11a class as well.

50 people in that first class will make things challenging.  Please keep this in mind before you come in to get all SwolCity and then head off to drink some beers in your green shirts.

8a, 10a, 11a – Team Endurance WODs
* Part I: Bit of everything
* Part II: More of Part I, but harder.

9a – Powerlifting Concepts Class
* Low Bar Back Squat x3 for 15 min
* Close Grip Bench x3 for 15 min
* accessory movements for 15 min

12p – Olympic Lifting Instruction
* Clean & Snatch Skill work
* Development Exercises