Powerlifting Team. . . good luck at weigh ins this morning. 

Team WODs @ 8a, 10a, 11a
Powerlifting @ 9a 
Olympic Lifting @ 12p

Strength Endurance – Floor Press Doubles Contest – 11 min
You and your partner have 10 min to move as much weight as possible using the floor press.
1) Must share 1 bar
2) Must agree on 1 weight between the two of you
3) Must keep the same weight all the way through

** We are going to have the dudes compete with dudes and the ladies compete with ladies.  We did this using the back squat a long time ago during our Southport CFD days and had a lot of success with it.  We did this team WOD back on 9.13.13.  Your goal is to move as much weight as possible.  No max reps, max weight.

WOD – Teams of 3 – 20 Min AMBAP – Going for as many burpees as possible.

Athlete 1 – Row for Calories (13 for the dudes / 10 for the ladies – pace car)
Athlete 2 – Med Ball Burpees (20/14)
Athlete 3 – Rest

** Details: each time the athlete at the rowing station hits their goal everyone rotates and passes the burpee total on to the next.  Make sure that the med ball ends above your head each time in a locked out arm position.  

Powerlifting Programming – 9a
Bench Press Volume Work – 10 Rounds
50 Seconds – 3 explosive reps, fast and powerful.  NOT SLOW.
50 Seconds – 5 Perfect Push Ups with hand release (take a slightly closer hand stance today to hit the triceps more)
** Add weight or take off weight when you need to. The goal is to stay on the clock and tight with movement, being explosive and on time. You can start at a weight that feels about 60% and increase when ever possible.

SWOD – 4 Rounds @ 75% speed
Seated Double DB Shoulder Press – 8 reps (add weight when you need to, these need to be tough)
Strict Chin Ups – 8 reps (use a band if you need to, but keep it strict and tough)
Lateral Band Butt Walks – 15 steps each direction (black band for guys, blue for ladies)
Banded Tricep Push Down – 25 reps


Good luck this weekend Coach Kevin. . . #600

Good luck this weekend Coach Kevin. . . #600