Caption Contest 1st Place Winner!!

Tracy K. “Pretty sure the strip club is that way”


Honorable Mention

Rachel G.

Austin: Hey Coop man, where’d we put that sun tan lotion, I don’t want these thighs gettin toasty.

Coop: I think you left it back with that girl you traded clothes with.

Kimberly Ann.

Austin: Hey Bro can you tell me where the closest seamstress is… my shorts are too long?

Coops (signing voice): Yep, its “Over the mountain and through the woods to grandmothers house we go!”


8a, 10a, 11a – Team Endurance WODs
* Part I:  Abs on Abs on Abs
* Part II: “X” amount of rounds with lots of work with your friends.

9a – Powerlifting Concepts Class
* Chest Press heavy 5
* Lower Body Accessory lifts
* Mini-WOD

12p – Olympic Lifting Instruction
* Clean & Snatch Skill work
* Development Exercises

Cal Strength – Olympic Lifting Seminar – Aug 24th & 25th


Blanca at 70+ miles in.  A lot more to go!

Blanca at 70+ miles in. A lot more to go!