Schedule Note: next week we are doing a remodel at Lakeview.  Moving the staff office, fixing some stuff around the gym and moving a thing or two with the mezzanine / pull up area.  We will be closed on Sat Nov. 16th & Sun Nov 17th and will cancel the 7p Friday Nov. 15th class. We will add some classes at Lincoln Square to accommodate everyone though.  Plus they have been waiting to compete against the Lakeview athletes on a team WOD.
For the rest of November we are going to have a Saturday Team WOD theme around named WODs.  Taking Hero and Girl WODs, putting them together and modifying them slightly to fit the day.  December will have a different theme.  Hope you enjoy and keep in mind that the barbell will be added a bit more.  There are always substations for movements though.
Team WODs @ 8a, 10a, 11a
Powerlifting @ 9a
Olympic Lifting @ 12p
** Oly Lifting: 90 min class that will start adding mobility, stability & accessory lifting into the last part of class.
Team “Eva-Grace Remix” in teams of 2 – 40 min cap

Team Eva (27 min cap)
6 rounds
Row 700m
30 Kettlebell swings (70/55)
30 Pull-ups
a) Use a heavy KB, if you can not take it overhead safely, then slightly above eye level.
b) Pull Ups need to be legit.  Why waste your time doing something half way?
c) Split up work any way you can.  If I was a teammate with Noal he might do 80% of the work and I do the rest.  But that would work because at the end of the day it was hard for each of us.
d) Each athlete needs to do at least 1 rep at each station.  You can not let your buddy to all 30 KB swings, or all 30 pull ups.  Each athlete has to do something.

Rest 3 Min. . .

Team Grace: 50 Clean & Jerks 135/95 (10 min cap)
a) zero drops.
b) no drops
c) I think we get the point, this is more for the sake of the workout.  There are two athletes doing work here.   Do as many reps as you like and rotate.  50 Reps total.  Think more about quality vs. sketchy wild reps.  No push press reps, split jerk or power jerk. 
e) use two bars for a team if you have to pick two different weights.



Part 1) Bench Press (14 min)
15 Rep, 12 Rep, 9 rep, 6 rep, 3 rep.
** Adding weight each time, working to a 3 rep heavy.
** No fails, no bouncing and keep your feet tight and back tight.

Part 2) Power Shrugs (14 Min)
** Find a heavy 5 rep.
** Use your dip-drive
** Big aggressive pulls.

Part 3) SWOD Time – 4 or 5 rounds depending on speed (10 – 12min)
Plate Hold for 25 Seconds (any weight)
Med Ball Hammie Hip Up for 15 reps (1 second pause on each rep)
Weighted Back Extensions for 8 reps (you pick weight, keep it slightly challenging)