3/21, Update: In light of the most recent state mandated stay at home order, Defined will be taking this home training to the next level. Please stay tuned for more opportunities to stay active from the community of coaches you can trust!
More importantly, please stick with us through these hard times by supporting our gym and your coaches by keeping your memberships active. If you can afford to do so, keeping your membership will ensure our coaches continue to get paid and our doors will be able to re-open in early April.
More details and information coming soon! Stay tuned & Stay positive!

Virtual Yoga with Kristen coming this Sunday @ 11am. Join us on @Kdwellness on Instagram live!

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WHEN: MARCH 17th – MARCH 30th 
WHAT:  At Home Lifestyle Challenge

Things to know: 
– Daily WOD: Live at 9pm every night for the following day!
– Video demo of your coaches performing the daily WOD: Live on Instagram at 9am daily! 
– Daily Challenge: Posted to the CF Defined Instagram, daily at Noon.
– If you didnt know yet, we are closed through March 30th. Please read Defined’s COVID PSA Here! 

Defined @ Home Workout: Day #5/14 Self-Quarantine

Team Workout: Teams of 2
Find a virtual teammate, Defined member, roommate, friend or family member. Post total team score, your time + your teammate’s time to Defined’s Instagram Saturday post!

5 Rounds, for time;
Double Unders: 100-80-60-40-20 reps
Single Arm Snatch: 50-40-30-20-10 reps, alternating arms
Wall Climbs: 10-8-6-4-2 reps

*Hustle Goal to Finish: Sub 20 minutes!

Coaching Notes:
Perform this workout for time as fast as possible. Complete 100 Double unders, 50 Single Arm Snatches and 10 wall climbs. That is round 1; continue to the 80 doubles, 40 snatches and 8 wall climbs for round 2. Repeat until all 5 rounds have been completed.
For the wall climbs, choose any angle that you can confidently walk up and down with control for the full 30 reps! Stay consistent and focus on form before speed! Good Luck team!

Optimize the Double Under:
Single Unders: Double the reps.
Lateral Hops: Keep the same reps.
Penguin Hops: Keep the same reps.

Optimize the Single Arm Snatch:
Keep the movement pattern and find anything in the house that you can snatch safely!

Optimize the Wall Climb:
Walkouts: Double the reps.