8a – Team WOD
9a – Powerlifting & SWOD (strength WOD)
10a – Team WOD
11a – Team WOD
** No Oly Class today, but our Snatch and Clean & Jerk specialist Coach Noal will be teaching an Olympic Lifting Technique class at Lincoln Square at 11a that you are absolutley encouraged to attend.  Please head over there and show our newer athletes at LS how to lift and move properly.  If you come please be ready to lift at 11a sharp.  There will be no class warm up.

Endurance Reminder: NO simulated long run this Sunday.  Coach Mark is traveling to DC.


Strength Endurance – Floor Press Doubles Contest – 10 min
You and your partner have 10 min to move as much weight as possible using the floor press.
1) Must share 1 bar
2) Must agree on 1 weight between the two of you
3) Must keep the same weight all the way through

** We are going to have the dudes compete with dudes and the ladies compete with ladies.  We did this using the back squat a long time ago during our Southport CFD days and had a lot of success with it.

WOD 1 – 9 Min – Max Calories
Athlete 1 – Rowing for max calories.
Athlete 2 – Holding 2 KB’s (55/35) in a front rack position (Pace Car)
** As soon as athlete 2 lowers the KB’s each person will switch positions.

WOD 2 – 9 Min – Max Wall Balls
Athlete 1 – Performs 25 Jumping Pull Ups (Pace Car)
Athlete 2 – Going for as many Wall Balls (20/14) as possible.
** As soon as athlete 2 finishes the Jumping Pull Ups each person will switch positions.

9a – Powerlifting WOD
* 5 x 5 Squats (adding 5 – 10lbs to your previous attempt or start at 65% of your 1 rep max)
* Chest Press w/ 1 Full Second Pause at the bottom; find a heavy double
* 6 Round SWOD at 75% speed of:
– 7 Chin Ups (strict. Use a band if you would like)
– 3 Max Height Box Jumps (add height each time)


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